My Part 3 journey

3 August 2023

As I come up to my first year working at Pozzoni, it’s a great time to reflect on my experience so far and my journey ahead.

I joined Pozzoni in the summer of 2022 as a Post Part 2 Architectural Assistant, eager to continue my journey to qualify as an architect. Attaining my BA Architecture at Liverpool John Moores University in 2019 was followed by working in practice for a year, and subsequently achieving my Master of Architecture from Manchester. I then joined Pozzoni as a Part 2. This means I’ve almost completed my 7/7 years to qualify!

A big part of passing Part 3 involves demonstrating your competence as an architect, experiences and awareness of the responsibilities involved in the profession. At Pozzoni I have engaged in a number of responsibilities and opportunities to gain such experience. This has included taking the lead at client meetings, being responsible for issuing drawings to clients and the design team, whilst also attending a number of site visits. I’ve been active members of the Pozzoni Academy team and Instagram team, gaining experience in the wider running of architectural practice too.

One of the things I’m most thankful for on my Part 3 journey with Pozzoni is the support and guidance I have received. Along with my other Part 2 colleagues, we regularly engage in meetings with the directors, running through practice exam questions to build our knowledge and understanding, practicing for our exam. My office mentor, John Cunniffe, is always on hand to answer questions and recommend opportunities in the practice. Not forgetting the daily support, I receive from the rest of my team.

A small group of us at Pozzoni, all aiming to complete our Part 3 and qualify, regularly meet up to discuss progress, experiences and run through practice questions. I’m lucky to have the support of my colleagues and have people going through the experience at the same time.

I am aiming to take the Part 3 exam in March and am grateful for the support and opportunities the practice has offered me so far, through my journey to qualification. Fingers crossed for the future!

Article written by

Catherine Parsons

Early primary school concept indicating finishes design

Early primary school concept indicating finishes design

High school finishes design

High school finishes design