Tata Chemicals – Projects

Tata Chemicals

Client: Pochin Developments / Pochin Construction
Sector: Commercial
Size: 1,675sq.m. / 18,000 sq.ft.
Value: £1.8 million
Location: Northwich, Cheshire
Status: In Progress
Internal Team: Jamie Wood
Matt Mason

This new headquarters for the client’s executive and management teams replaced an old, outdated office building. It was designed to accommodate the existing 88 members of staff, but with the flexibility for up to 100.

Our design was based on feedback gathered from a series of workshops with the client group. They identified operational adjacencies and a need to move away from cellular offices to open plan and hot desk working.

One of the client’s key ambitions was to create an energy efficient building. Features to help achieve this include the harnessing of waste heat from the adjacent process plant, floor plan depths allowing for natural ventilation and a façade designed to minimise over-heating.