St James's Training Room – Projects

St James's Training Room

Client: Diocese of Manchester / St. James C of E School
Sector: Education
Size: 94sq.m / 1010sq.ft
Value: £0.16 million
Location: Bolton
Status: Complete
Internal Team: Catherine Mulley
Stuart Goodwin

St. James’s was one of the few religious schools in the region without a dedicated space for worship, so the opportunity was taken to design a multi-functional ‘pavilion’ building that would serve as both a teaching facility and a chapel.

The aim was to create a light and airy space. The roof space is exposed, giving the impression of a double-height space, and a glazed slot has been incorporated at the gable end, flooding the chapel with light and providing a focal point for prayer and reflection.

Inspiration was taken from the cherry blossom trees lining the site. The building is wrapped in vertical timber cladding, with metallic cladding adding a contemporary element.

In response to a challenging budget, the building form was kept deliberately simple, utilising a rectangular plan form and a lightweight timber frame. The frame has also helped to minimise energy use by providing a highly-insulated envelope. An energy-efficient boiler further minimises the energy required for heating and cooling.