Sheerwater Leisure Centre – Projects

Sheerwater Leisure Centre

Client: ThamesWey Group
Sector: Leisure
Size: 5511sq.m. / 59,300sq.ft.
Value: £20 million
Location: Woking, Surrey
Status: Complete
Internal Team: Martin Bransby
David Spoors

Providing new wet and dry leisure facilities for the local school, the general public, and local football club Sheerwater FC, this new build leisure centre is part of a large residential redevelopment. The new centre also replaces obsolete school canteen and catering kitchen. As the centre sits within school grounds, the siting and school / public separation is critical to the success of the project.

By separating the two pools into individual halls and having developed a new wet changing village model, we have developed a layout which allows the school to use the main pool during school hours whilst the learner pool is used by the general public without any possible chance of crossover. Outside of school hours, the changing village can be opened up to provide access to both pools, or kept separate to cater for BME user groups. In the same way, airlock doors allow the sports hall to be accessed from the public side during school hours, when the sports hall is not being used by the school. Because of this, the centre offers maximum flexibility and income generation opportunities.