No.1 Portland Street – Projects

No.1 Portland Street

Client: Bruntwood SciTech
Sector: Commercial
Size: 5,480sq.m. / 59,000sq.ft.
Value: £4M
Location: Manchester
Status: Complete
Internal Team: Jamie Wood

This outdated office block, dating from the 1970s, had recently become vacant. This offered an opportunity for updating and remodelling to make it more attractive to potential tenants.

Our solution extending the top floor creating additional floor-space that takes advantage of the dramatic views across the city centre. The existing dark, smoked glass in the rest of the building was removed and replaced with floor-to-ceiling glazing to create a more contemporary and transparent appearance, while innovative HVAC chilled beams with integrated lighting maximises the floor-to-ceiling heights.

The completed building makes a positive contribution to the urban landscape of the city centre, befitting its prime location overlooking one of Manchester’s main public open spaces.