Meadow High School – Projects

Meadow High School

Client: Department for Education / Meadow High School
Sector: Education
Size: 240 place secondary and sixth form
Value: £11.5 million
Location: Hillingdon, Uxbridge
Status: In Progress
Internal Team: Catherine Mulley
Alice Parker
Lai Yick

This project looks to provide a range of new facilities within an existing SEN school site which provides education for both ambulant and non-ambulant pupils with a range of special needs including visual and hearing impairments, MLD and ASD.

The brief involves replacement of a number of existing facilities which will be housed in a new two-storey standalone teaching block, a new four-court sports hall including changing facilities and large scale demolition and refurbishment of an existing teaching block. In order to minimise disruption to the existing school, works have been designed to be able to be delivered in a series of phases.

Our proposal looks to respond to the specific requirements adopted by the school in relation to Teaching and Pedagogy which includes the ability to teach via VAK (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) and allows for movement breaks within each classroom. A number of ‘thematic’ classrooms have been designed in a 'suite’, each with direct access to an individual learning room, providing flexibility within the learning environments to respond to each pupils particular needs at any one time.