Mariners Park – Projects

Mariners Park

Client: Nautilus International
Sector: Living
Size: 500m² office and 27 two-bedroom apartments
Location: Wirral
Status: In Progress
Internal Team: Eleanor McCallum
Lex Raper Rumoroso

The project is a combination of a 500m² office and 27 two bedroom apartments for Nautilus International, the trade union and professional organisation serving, supporting, and protecting the interests of maritime professionals.

The building brings together the union and welfare services under one roof generating a clearer link and synergy between the needs of the Charity and the Union. There are communal spaces including a library and archive storage at ground floor for everyone to use promoting interaction both within the building and with the wider Mariners' Park residents.

The modern, accessible, open plan office is located at the top of the building with views and a terrace facing onto the Mersey Estuary and Liverpool beyond. The apartments are generous two bedroom apartments for retired seafarers, each with a balcony and attractive views of the landscaped gardens or the estuary.

Planning permission has now been granted and construction is expected to start in early 2023.