Manchester Aquatics Centre – Projects

Manchester Aquatics Centre

Client: Kier Construction / Manchester City Council
Sector: Leisure
Value: £31M
Location: Manchester
Status: In Progress
Internal Team: Martin Bransby
David Spoors
Dalia Juskaite

The scheme is to update the existing Manchester Aquatics Centre with a focus on improving energy efficiency by implementing carbon reduction works.

Architecturally, the internal use of facilities will be improved and updated to suit the increased use of facilities and the changed pattern of use. The work includes upgrades to:

  • All swimming pools
  • Fitness suites including all gyms and studios
  • Leisure water
  • Cafe
  • Health suite
  • Changing place

The refurbishment will introduce new digital and sustainable technologies and work is phased to enable a reduced programme of public swimming to continue at all times.

These changes will increase the legibility of the building's accommodation, improve how the building can be run and increase the accessibility of the facilities on offer, which better serves Manchester Aquatics Centre current, and future, use.