Longshaw Drive – Projects

Longshaw Drive

Client: Salford City Council
Sector: Living
Size: 177 homes across 4.7 hectares
Location: Salford
Status: In Progress
Internal Team: Sophie Tomkins
Jamie Wood

Longshaw Drive is one of four residential projects being developed by Salford City Council and forms the Authority’s largest social housing project in 50 years.

As the largest single site, Longshaw Drive will see 177 new sustainable homes delivered, 20 of which will be PassivHaus Classic units and 157 PassivHaus Low Energy units. The proposed dwellings have been thermally modelled in the PHPP (Passivhaus Planning Package), which uses site specific climate data, altitude and orientation, fabric details, glazing and ventilation specifications to predict the annual energy demand for heating. It is recognised as an accurate energy standard that addresses the performance gap associated with other methods of energy modelling.

Two-bedroom terraces, three and four-bedroom semi-detached houses, a five-bed detached house, plus three blocks of three-storey apartments across a mix of tenures are integrated within the development, with the smaller houses being grouped in terraces of four and five dwellings affording a better form factor (thermal fabric area to floor area ratio).