Lancaster University School of Mathematics – Projects

Lancaster University School of Mathematics

Client: Lancaster University / Cardinal Newman College
Sector: Education
Value: £8 million
Location: Preston
Status: Complete
Internal Team: Catherine Mulley
Stuart Goodwin
Tania Croghan

The team has designed a high-quality space with a central atrium at the core for a unique maths community which perfectly suits the specific learning needs of the pupils. Completed in December 2022, this new £8m building houses a state-of-the-art A-Level college for some of the most promising young mathematicians in Lancashire.

Such ‘maths communities’ are already thriving at the three other specialist colleges that are up and running elsewhere. However this is the first new build of its type in the UK.

The Maths School is a distinct and unique specialist provider of outstanding mathematics teaching for students wanting to immerse themselves in a small close-knit community of like-minded scholars. It provides exceptional teaching, a high-quality environment and resources with undergraduate-level content, for students from all backgrounds, within a learning community where talented and enthusiastic young mathematicians in years 12 and 13 can thrive.

The country's brightest young mathematicians need environments that are conducive to a very particular style of learning. As such, we've designed Lancaster University's new School of Mathematics around a distinct three-storey atrium that will serve as a gateway into an exceptional maths community.

We're describing the welcoming and spacious form of the atrium as a vertical 'Axis for Learning' because its expansive glazing and connectivity with various learning spaces will encourage the students to thrive. It will provide a critical link between the auditorium and the main teaching wing, while serving as a space in its own right for the promotion of social interaction and open learning.

Catherine Mulley - Pozzoni