Fenton – Projects


Client: Stoke-on-Trent City Council
Sector: Living
Size: 67 supported living apartments, 28 houses and 42 apartments
Value: £17 million
Location: Stoke-on-Trent
Status: Complete
Internal Team: Eleanor McCallum

Supported living rentals alongside general needs housing for outright sale have just completed in Fenton to create a balanced community with a range of accommodation types and tenures.

Development of the Fenton Workshop was focused around the site's historical context of the former workshops for the blind and disabled. The Art Deco façade of the main workshop was considered of high significance in terms of placemaking for the local community. The scheme retains the workshop façade with 67 new supported living apartments sited at the rear. In addition there is new family housing consisting of 20 two-bed houses and eight three-bed houses, plus 42 apartments.

The architecture throughout responds to the existing historical context of Fenton and divides the apartment blocks to allow for a clear site line between Albert’s Square and historical bottle kilns. Tree-lined avenues and a landscaped central square have been included to foster vital community interaction.