Sixth Form Centre, B.T.H. – Projects

Sixth Form Centre, B.T.H.

Client: Blessed Thomas Holford College
Sector: Education
Size: 200 place sixth-form entry
Value: £6 million
Location: Altrincham
Status: Complete
Internal Team: Catherine Mulley
Stuart Stubbs

The demand for a new sixth-form centre created the opportunity to design a new landmark building for the college campus. The aim was to create a vibrant new addition that would be both formal and functional.

The design incorporates teaching, break-out and social spaces. An ordered regular shape houses the main teaching areas, while a more organic, freeform shape houses the break-out and more spaces.

The building has a contemporary appearance and makes efficient use of space. It is designed to withstand the wear-and-tear of modern education and to be adaptable for use across the curriculum.

The concept and design set the Sixth Form apart from other schools and colleges because of the modern design and stunning appearance.

J Cornally, Head Teacher - Blessed Thomas Holford

Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College

Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College