Blog: Alzheimer’s Society and Housing 21 launch Dementia-Friendly Housing Charter

Recently launched by the Alzheimer’s Society and Housing 21 is the Dementia-friendly Housing Charter. Pozzoni, amongst other stakeholders, has contributed towards this publication and is very pleased to have done so.

The key objectives of the charter are to raise awareness within the housing sector about the challenges of living with dementia and to improve the home environments of those who do. There are three factors that can define a home environment: people, places and process. The dementia-friendly housing charter considers these three factors and how individuals and organisations in the housing sector can support people with dementia.

“People” covers housing management staff, landlords, people undertaking adaptations and maintenance personnel. Considerations include the interaction and communication with people with dementia and their families.

“Places” refers to the interior and exterior if buildings, the areas between buildings and their location. It is applicable to both existing properties as well as new-builds. Dementia-friendly design can support people with dementia enabling greater independence.

“Process” includes the all residential policies, management, planning, design, development and other housing-related services. Good processes can reduce barriers and ensure people and places are successful in supporting people with dementia.

Organisations in the housing sector that sign up to the charter can demonstrate their leadership and enhanced reputation, increase awareness of how dementia affects their services and products, ensure the needs of people with dementia are met appropriately and create a climate where all involved feel comfortable discussing their needs.

The number of people with dementia is increasing, presenting specific challenges for the housing industry. As well as helping housing professionals to support people living with dementia, the charter is also for organisations to improve or develop action plans and to deliver a number of commitment statements.

The Dementia-friendly Housing Charter can be downloaded from the Alzheimer’s Society website.

May 16th — 2017